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Expertenbewertung von : Joanna Stern (

TouchPad review


Palm faithful and newcomers alike, behold: the TouchPad review. For some, this has been years in the making, for others (honestly, for most) this is a new and potentially interesting blip on the tablet radar. The team that brought...

Intuitive and natural user interface ; Crisp, clear display ; Phone pairing can be very useful

Sluggish, unfinished software throughout the OS ; Hardware quality feels cheap ; Developer support is thin right now

There is DNA here that's amazing, and the TouchPad deserves to be given a second look

Jun 2011

Bra köp!

Expertenbewertung von : Johan Wallén (

Touchpad - förvandla iPad till pekplatta


Med Touchpad förvandlar du din iPhone eller iPad till en styrplatta att styra datorn med. En trevlig detalj är att du inte behöver installera något serverprogram.

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Really Cool


This is a fantastic app, when I first used it I was blown away by how remarkably similar it was to using a real trackpad and is very easy to use. It's just a shame an iPhone screen isn't as nice to track on as a proper trackpad, but regardless it is...

Kundenmeinung (

Wow! Perfect!


I just downloaded this application. Saw mention of it on Daringfireball. I my wife and I have our old G4 tower setup on our living room TV and we have an Apple TV in our bedroom. I have a wireless keyboard and mouse on the living room TV and it's been...

Kundenmeinung (

Perfect For A TV Setup Or To Make Presentations


I love this app because it is very simple and beautifully designed, compared to others I tried before. It does everything you could hope and the interface is uncluttered. I use it especially in my media room, where I hooked up a Mac mini to an HD TV.

Kundenmeinung (



For $3.99 you've just bought yourself an awesome wireless mouse and keyboard that don't need batteries replacing every few weeks. Use it while giving presentations too. Great application, pretty and functional. Going to be a must-use for me. :-)

Kundenmeinung (

super easy & super slick


found this app via daring fireball. after 10 minutes of useage i no longer need a keyboard and mouse in the living room. totally worth the price and more.

Kundenmeinung (



Great app. Works and looks amazing. Definitely worth the price for anyone with a Mac hooked up to a TV or who give a lot of presentations. Plus there's great customer support; when I had problems with setup, I got an email back from them almost...

Kundenmeinung (

Intuitive and Elegant


With the ability to access the keyboard, the modifier keys, navigation keys, AND a built in Front Row remote, this version of Touchpad gets everything right. As an app that gets used on a regular basis this is worth far more than just a few dollars....

Kundenmeinung (



I love using this app when I play the sims 3 because I can't have the laptop on my lap due to the heat. Now I can keep my mac on the coffee table while laying down on the couch and I won't kill my back from slouching anymore. I don't have a mouse so...


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Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB...
Finden Sie Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB - QWERTY - Schwarz G84-5500LU bei smartvie in...
€ 122,- ZUM SHOP Apple Magic Trackpad 2 Bluetooth® Touchpad Weiß...
Das Apple Magic Trackpad 2 wurde neu entwickelt und ist wiederaufladbar. Es hat eine integrierte Batterie...
€ 125,- ZUM SHOP
Cherry XS Touchpad G84-5500 - Standard - Verkabelt...
Finden Sie Cherry XS Touchpad G84-5500 - Standard - Verkabelt - USB - Mechanischer Swi G bei smartvie in...
€ 136,- ZUM SHOP
Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB...
Finden Sie Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB - QWERTZ - Grau G84-5500LUMDE-0 bei smartvie in...
€ 129,- ZUM SHOP
Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB...
Finden Sie Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB - Mechanischer Switch - QWE G bei smartvie in...
€ 136,- ZUM SHOP
Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB...
Finden Sie Cherry XS Touchpad - Standard - Verkabelt - USB - QWERTY - Grau G84-5500LUMEU-0 bei smartvie in...
€ 124,- ZUM SHOP
Perixx PERIBOARD-510 H PLUS US, Mini USB-Tastatur...
Finden Sie Perixx PERIBOARD-510 H PLUS US, Mini USB-Tastatur, Touchpad, Hub, schwarz, schwarz bei smartvie...
€ 63,- ZUM SHOP Active Key AK-4400-G USB Tastatur Deutsch, QWERTZ...
Die AK-4400-G ist eine qualitativ hochwertige und zuverlässige Funktionstastatur mit Notebook-Tastenfeld...
€ 77,- ZUM SHOP
Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - Trackpad - Multi-Touch...
Finden Sie Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - Trackpad - Multi-Touch MJ2R2Z/A bei smartvie in der Kategorie...
€ 155,- ZUM SHOP Keysonic KSK-6231 INEL (DE) USB Tastatur Deutsch...
Ergonomisch und Wasserdicht Ergonomisch gestaltete Silikonummantelte-Tastatur mit 98 Tasten und Multi...
€ 70,- ZUM SHOP

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