iogear Ultra Thin Wired Desktop Keyboard / Optical Mouse Combo

alaTest hat 18 Testberichte und Kundenbewertungen für iogear Ultra Thin Wired Desktop Keyboard / Optical Mouse Combo zusammengefasst und analysiert. Im Durchschnitt wurde das Produkt mit 2.9/5 bewertet, verglichen mit einer durchschnittlichen Bewertung von 4.1/5 für andere Produkte. Das Design und das Preisleistungsverhältnis wird von den Testern positiv bewertet, auch die Verarbeitungsqualität hat sie beeindruckt.

Preisleistungsverhältnis, Design, Verarbeitungsqualität

Bedienbarkeit, Größe

Wir haben sowohl Nutzer- als auch Expertenbewertungen, Produktalter und weitere Faktoren ausgewertet. Im Vergleich zu anderen Produkte erzielt iogear Ultra Thin Wired Desktop Keyboard / Optical Mouse Combo einen alaScore™ von 71/100 = Gut.


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Just DON'T buy this


IOgear must have really terrible Quality control to even allow a unit that looked like this one to ship out this is defiantly NOT shipping damage. Newegg approved RMA very easy and has great service but, I should have spent a few more dollars to get...

Thin looks pretty nice , Mouse works great

within two days the first one I got starting failing the "i" and "n" keys did not work so I RMA'd it back to newegg I just got the replacement ten minutes ago it's horrid the windows key and the left side is stuck down and the x,s,w, and 2 keys don't...

Okt 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Nice keyboard but has some issues...


So smooth...

I bought the set looking for a combo that had a nice feeling plastic. I really hate the type of plastic that Microsoft and HP use. (It has a very grainy sandpaper feel to it.) This IOGear set is much smoother and the keyboard makes no sound at all....

A couple problems I did notice with the keyboard. The keyboard is a standard size but there is no palm rest. I'm not talking about the giant ones that come with keyboards but this one has no place to rest your palms and I'm not in the mood to get...

Aug 2009

Kundenmeinung (



I am returning this product as of now with newegg as recomended by the IOGEAR tech support who are just novice users who had no answers for me!!

The low profile keys and the overall feel of the keyboard is excellent!! its countours to your hand as well as the mouse

It Simply fails to work properly...Random keys especially the 8, I, and K keys...these three keys seem to fall asleep and stop working at random times

Jul 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Don´t buy this


I should have listened to the other reviews.

Looks nice. Mouse is nicely contoured. Been typing on a laptop for 4 years, so I love the laptop style keys

Had it not even a week and W and S I´m stuck with a old PS/2 HP keyboard for awhile. I am going to RMA this for a refund

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Negative Reviews Accurate


Newegg was great and replace it for me. So far the replacement hasn't had problems, but we'll see...

Very sleek design, and comfortable to type on

Upon first getting it I found that approximately ten keys on the keyboard did not work. I'd read the negative reviews, but thought I'd give it a try myself because I have a IOGEAR KVM switch, and I wanted a keyboard/mouse from the same manufacturer for...

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Find another nut !


I purchased two of these IOGEAR GMK511 keyboard/mouse combos for computers at work, primarily for the keyboard. After a couple of days the 4,5,R,T,F,G,V, and B keys stopped working on the first keyboard. I opened the second, which I had not used yet,...

Attractive styling, very quiet laptop style keys with nice tactile feel, slim and lightweight. Nice mouse for this price (although I didn't use it for very long). This would have been a four or five star review except for


Feb 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Great keyboard & mouse combo!


I got the keyboard in the mail yesterday and it worked fine as soon as I plugged it in. The main multimedia/function keys worked right away as well without installing what is on the cd included.

This is a great keyboard. I read the first 2 reviews and decided to try it out myself. I agree it is silent when typing which is a great feature for me. If you are used to a laptop keyboard, this one is ideal! It looks nice and is ultra slim. The mouse...


Jan 2008

Kundenmeinung (

IOGear GKM511


Has 3 year warranty, hopefully they will assist and get taken care of.

Nice Design

Functionality, within the first week some keys stopped working. Cap lock and shift dont work, and other keys stop and start working at random

Jan 2008

Kundenmeinung (

good mouse, very flat keyboard


Great mouse. So very comfortable and probably the best laser mouse I've ever used ; I think I'll get used to the keyboard. It feels great and is very quiet. It is so flat, though, typing is a different experience that will take a little getting used...

Not really a CON, but the keyboard is flat and the keys vertical movement is about 1/3 that of a normal keyboard. This makes the typing action a little different from a normal keyboard. I think I'll get used to it, though

Dez 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Nice Keyboard


Never tried the mouse, I bought the kit for the keyboard and I already have a better mouse. It seems decent though, maybe a slightly flimsy. I'll keep it as a spare.

Absolutely silent compared to any other keyboard I've used. Nice set of extra function buttons. No impractical key layout changes. Fairly solid construction

Hotkeys do not customize 100%properly with Microsoft Keyboard software (although it isnt an MS keyboard). Included cusomization software is mediocre and has a mandatory tray icon. Keys can be a bit slippery, takes some getting used to

Nov 2007