SIIG JK-WR0212-S1 104 Normal Keys 2.4GHz Wireless Standard Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse

SIIG JK-WR0212-S1 104 Normal Keys 2.4GHz Wireless Standard Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse
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Okt 2020

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Works great


Good cheap products Worth the money.

plug in the adapter. put the batteries in the keyboard, and mouse. Everything work as a charm

You can't turn off the mouse or keyboard. So the batteries will run down fast. So 1 egg off

Sep 2012

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Before the "D" key broke off I was using it with my media computer. Its small size was real handy. But after the performance and quality problems, I've upgraded to a Microsoft keyboard - mouse combo. Keyboard and mouse are larger, but quality is...

Compact size

Mouse sometimes had trouble communicating with 'puter 9 feet away ; Key fell off, wouldn't stay on after that ; Keys have squishy feeling

Aug 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Just not Ready


Nice product and features but not ready for market. Had to return for refund.

Nice feel, liked the layout and the features of both the mouse and the keyboard

constant connectivity/pairing problems. Intermittent range problems (less than 10 feet at times)

Mär 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Poor QC, lousy tactile feel.


f1 key did'nt work. i popped the key off and seen the little rubber button was twisted. i took a small screw driver and was able to set it back in place.. works now. lousy QC, poor tactile feel.. i should have stuck with logitech which i had for 10...

spill holes ; lightweight ; traditional layout ; good range ; usb transceiver is small (thumb drive) and out of the way ; price (20 after 20 rebate) ; 2 side buttons ; no lag when using keyboard and mouse same time ; good battery life (keyboard, see...

keyboard key's fill a bit smushy ; no software ; mouse wheel button is stiff ; mouse EXTREMELY sensitive ; keyboard has 1 screw head stripped ; f1 key did not work i had to remove the key and found the rubber button under the key was twisted.. i fixed...

Mär 2011

Kundenmeinung (

SIIG JK-WR0212-S1 104 Normal Keys 2.4GHz Wireless Standard Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse


Looks good, slick

I bought two of these, and neither one of them performed properly. Went through batteries like they were goning out of style.The keys had to be quite hard in order to work properly and the mouse would go dead often

Mär 2011

Kundenmeinung (

Garbage - stay away


I returned the first item I received, as the keyboard would not work. The second set worked, but the mouse problem noted above occurred. Terrible. I am very disappointed in this purchase. Not worth the cost to return it again (throwing good money after...

Keyboard has a nice light touch and feel. Quiet key presses. Mouse fits the hand nicely

The mouse will not allow my computer to bring up a screen saver or sleep mode. The laser is always flashing ; Range - terrible. I have the dongle about 24" from the keyboard and mouse, and I still get stutters and missed key presses

Jan 2011

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I prefer the responsiveness of my little wireless laser mouse, but, on the plus side, this has navigation buttons, and the keyboard is much better than my notebook's. It is a good combo. I have not been able to catch the mouse sleeping; either it wakes...

keystrokes are quiet and have crisp feel; everything on keyboard works nicely

mouse shape is slightly awkward for my hand - the forward navigation button is a stretch for my thumb

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung (

SIIG JK-WR0212-S1 104 Normal Keys 2.4GHz Wireless Standard Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse


Using this for my HTPC - works great on your lap/couch surface, and stashes out of the way easily when done. A larger keyboard, one with awkward curvy shapes, or one with a wrist rest would have been totally impractical. This combo was not the...

Very small, lightweight keyboard ; Sane keyboard layout (flat Enter key, large backspace, \ above enter, normal movement keys above the inverted-T arrow keys) ; Uses AAA batteries (AA would have been better) ; Good tracking and feel on the mouse ;...

Keyboard sometimes drops the first keystroke coming out of power save ; Keyboard may be a little TOO light - not sure about the durability ; Mouse optical sensor is not centered - it's offset to the right side. This makes using it on the arm of the...

Okt 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Would have been great


Waiting on an RMA, if the new product I get works as advertised I will happily give it 5 eggs!!!

Low profile, high wireless range, lightweight, good price. Multimedia keys are a nice touch as well

A decent sized group of keys on the keyboard do not function, this makes it especially hard to log in to windows when one of your password characters does not work ; Material feels a little cheap, not cheap enough to deduct and egg though

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Just what I needed


Bought this for an HTPC I'm putting together with some old parts. Range was a bit of an issue as I wanted to be able to use it from the couch (~10 feet away). This works like a charm. I would recommend it.

Plug and play. Very light and soft touch keys (no noisy keyboard clicking). Have not tested maximum range but got excellent reception at about 10 feet away from both keyboard and mouse

Doesn't feel incredibly durable, but for the price it's hard to argue

Dez 2009

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