Saitek Vibration Headset

Saitek Vibration Headset
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Okt 2020

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I spent less on headsets that have lasted longer.

cheap-headset was like 20 bucks

poor mic died in 3months

Mai 2010

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Muddy Sound


i probably would not recommend this because it doesnt really vibrate that much, AND it mas pretty muddy sounds.

vibration ; price ; its a working headset

very muddy sound.. but it seems like this could be a deffect

Mai 2010

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Mic is not an issue for those who say it is YOU need to go to the audio panel and FIX YOUR MIC SETTINGS!

Feels like I should have paid more for them, sound quality is amazing, mic does well although I don't use them much. The vibration is in perfect sync with game from when you shoot a high powered weapon to explosives, recon planes dropping bombs and...

None so far

Apr 2010

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Break easily


Had the headset for a little over two months. One day went to put them on the right speaker no longer worked. I guess if you're paying 20 dollars and want to put bubble wrap around the headset so as to never put it as risk, it'd be worth it.

Sound and microphone are pretty standard for price. Good comfort

The vibration feature is a bit silly and can interfere with hearing things. Quality of the physical headset is very cheap and the will go bad/break easily

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (

im really surprised at these


other then the cons, they are just down right awesome. I give them a 4 star rating for the padding. as always newegg rocks on shipping, althought i miss under read the shipping for delieve not goin on during weekends.

all i can really say is WOW, these things rock for gaming, and do as they say they do VIBRATE, the first night i got them in i was like, they look nice, well built, and said to my self, whats this little pack for, opened it up and 2 AA batters slot was...

there is not really any cons, well just one, after a few hours of wear, they get uncomfortable, on the ears. I am a big time gamer, and this is not really a issue, but couls use more padding in the ears

Mär 2010

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Great headphones for the price


Get them, best set of headphones i've ever owned.

Excellent sound quality, Great mic ; I haven't used the vibration... cause well i think its unnecessary, but for the price it is a great pair of headphones

they are a little tight and have this huge dongle on them that gets annoying

Jan 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Good for the price


I have the Saitek Control Pad and Cyborg mouse and I couldn't game without them. Excellent products. I noticed on the the web page this headset is not listed, instead the G20 is listed. Perhaps it is improved from this version which may have been...

Saitek product, feels quality, nice styling, sound is decent, vibration is okay not too annoying, usb or regular connection, mic is clear ; Good product for $20 and free shipping

USB connector DOA. Using only mic and speaker hook up along with batteries for vibration. Thought about returning but for $20 i'll just keep them. Also padding is not sufficient, ears start to ache after a couple hours

Jan 2010

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When I opened this up I was still a bit weary about the vibration feature due to knocking wires loose inside the headset, so far nothing...Great for listening to music I haven't tried this in games but I assume all the awesomeness of being in the game.

Beautiful blue finish ; Great sound ; Saitek

None yet

Jan 2010

Kundenmeinung (

The "distortion" is a rattle, not a distortion


Convincing effect, decent sound.

decent effect when not being interrupted by the rattling outer shell

Why they made the outer shell on a Vibrating headset is beyond me... I noticed the same "distortion" the others have noted (right side), but found it would go away if I pressed on the silver inset trim piece, which seems to be the source of the rattle

Dez 2009

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Vibration = breaks my entire sound setup


Aside from the horrid vibration feature, I would say this is an "Okay, why not?" headset.

I was looking for a decent, good sounding headset that felt alright and didn't squish my ears. This was perfect price and perfect quality

Vibration is absolutely horrible, when on VoIP with the feature on it resets my entire sound settings, my friends say it's my voice overthrown by static and echos ; Also I cant play games like Grand Theft Auto IV with it on because of the game crashing...

Dez 2009

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