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Read this if you are trying to decide between silicone and Moshi ClearGuard


If you are reading this trying to decide between silicone and the Moshi ClearGuard, let me help you: buy this one. Yes, it is more expensive, but if you buy the silicone first and then have to buy this one after two months of use, you'll have spent far...

I bought a MBP in Jan and ordered a Rasfox silicone cover so that it would be protected from the jump. It drove me crazy. When I would open my mac, the silicone would stick to the screen and I'd have to reset it. Worse yet, after the silicone begins to...

Reviewers are right about the F keys; the Moshi does not fit snugly there, but it is not a deal breaker by any means. It still fits more snugly all around than a silicone cover

Mär 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Best investment for longevity or resale


If you think these things are useless, get oen and use it for a month, then pull it off and look at how filthy it is before you wash it. I wash my hands often and was still supprised at how nasty the ting is after just a few weeks. Wash it with some...

It does take a few days to get use to having this over your keyboard but just be patient

Mär 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Great product


Fits great over keyboard. The only thing I can say besides the price is that it does slow dow your typing because the clearguard makes the keys a little tacky. I would recommend this.

It does exactly what it says

Price (5 eggs if it was cheaper.)

Jan 2010

Kundenmeinung (



Awesome awesome awesome. Perfect fit for all the keys. Thin and unobtrusive for typing. Almost can't tell it even there

Can get abit dirty with usage, but that should be expected. Not necessarily a con, just something to look out for

Jan 2010

Kundenmeinung (

It is protective... and it does get in the way


Perhaps I have greasy fingers... My MBP keyboard was quickly getting a lot of wear in the keys I type the most. But what really got me into buying this accessory was when I watched some tiny debris falling in between the keys... So I decided to get...

Transparent ; Protects your keyboard against snacks ; ) ; Protects your keyboard against some small spills ; Stays in place

It does get a little in the way for my typing style. I do type a lot faster without it (perhaps I will get used to it) ; There is a tiny small fitting problem with the 'F' keys, but still good

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung (

good idea and good product


As usual, impeccable Newegg sales and service. I am using this product with my Mac Book Pro 13 inch aluminum unibody.

Good idea to aid in keeping all of the microswitches, that comprise a keyboard, operable and cleaner. Hopefully, this will assist in keeping your MacBook Pro in good working order

It does take a little to get used to the difference in the feel of the keys

Dez 2009

Kundenmeinung (

MOSHI - ClearGuard


Needs frequent cleaning or sometimes, the gunk ends up on your screen like "key prints" or the keys get some sort of greyish/opaque look. Although I guess that also depends on how clean your hands are when you use your laptop.

Stays well on a 13" MBP, very little movement if any at all ; Simple, clear, thin and does what its supposed to do ; Doesn't interfere with typing although it does need a bit of getting used to

Somewhat expensive for what it does ; Cover is a good fit to all keys except F1-F12 row of keys where its slightly larger than the rest (like 1mm larger on the top side for a 13" MBP). Not a deal breaker thou

Okt 2009

Kundenmeinung (

won't fit completely


protect your keyboard

It won't fit completely on Macbook pro 17 ; the protector usually move off the keyboard when I hit enter or some keys around it

Sep 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Moshi Keyboard cover


Price is high for a piece of silicone but it does its job. very thin and some of my friends cant even tell its on there! RECOMMEND for those people like me who dropped $1k on a macbook and will have it till it blows up but want to keep the cosmetic...


Jul 2009

Kundenmeinung (

Simple and Effective


This is a very simple effective product that does the job of protecting your keyboard. It fits nicely and does not interfere with typing operations and can be removed easily for cleaning. Overall a great product and I highly recommend it.

Good Fit - Does not interfere with typing - quick removal for cleaning

Does slide off every once in awhile

Mai 2009

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