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Review: MacAlly iceKey


The keyboard is a fundamental component of modern computer systems, and the “feel” of the keyboard's keys is very important. Many laptop users begin to prefer the scissor-action keys found on modern laptops, leading them to suffer through (relatively)...

The iceKey is a terrific keyboard that is great for laptop users or as a replacement for a Pro Keyboard, and at $59, a great value.

Feb 2004

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User review Macally IceKey by moosers on Audiofanzine


Macally's IceKey is a USB based keyboard that is designed for use with Apple computers. The studio that I work at has one of these in there. It's a slim keyboard with USB ports built into it, wit...

Dez 2010

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Great Keyboard


If you are considering this product buy it. I recommend it.

I love the apple style keyboard. I like the layout and that the keys slighty bigger and not as high. I have two Mac Book Pros and love the keyboards on them. I got this for work. I am a programmer and type all day long; I got feg up with the Dell...

When I type really fast a sometimes a hear wht soungs like loose change under the keyboard. It is hardly noticeable and does not effect the perfomrance in any way ; It is white so it might not look clean for long

Feb 2011

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Amazing keyboard.


This keyboard works with Windows. Don't hesitate to buy it for your PC just because it's "designed for Mac".

When my 1.4 Ghz Celeron Dell Inspiron finally broke at age 7, I decided I would build my own desktop. However, problematically I wasn't able to keep the Inspiron's keyboard that my hands were so used to. That's why my dad told me about this keyboard...

Are you kidding? This keyboard is so perfect

Dez 2010

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Well built but not perfect


This keyboard has its flaws, but overall it's a solid keyboard that's lasted me many years.

I've had this keyboard for several years. It's held up quite well. The keyboard is a pleasure to type on. It feels very similar to the keys on my 2007 Macbook Pro ; It also isn't too hard on the eyes

1) After being plugged in for awhile (perhaps 16 hours?) it bugs out and sends repeating signals. I've woken up many times before to my Macbook Pro making the system error sound very quickly and repetitively due to this glitch. However, it's a quick...

Jan 2010

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Outstanding Keyboard


If you work mostly on a Mac but use this keyboard with Windows, use the freeware utility SharpKeys to re-map the Control key to the Command key, and Command key to F12 or something out of the way.

Solidly built, scissor action low profile keys, flip-feet for incline, works with Macs and Windows PCs alike. Best keyboard I've ever owned -- I bought a second for work, and plan on buying the black version if this one ever wears out

Odd blank key takes up space that could be put to better use. A leftover from a different language, perhaps? No big deal -- you forget about it right away

Jan 2008

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good keyboard


we use these at the school i go to and i bought one for my old slot load, they work real nice and i really like the laptop keys.

Jun 2007

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Stylish, quiet


This keyboard whispers.

Mär 2007

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Hooked on design


I really like the key design for this keyboard.

My key board seems to have been made of two batches of plastic.

Jan 2007

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Okt 2004

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