KeyTronic E03601P2

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KeyTronic E03601P2


The perfect keyboard, at least for my taste. I have been using various Keytronic keyboards as long as they have been around, the 70's I think. I still have some from back then that still work perfectly. The 3601 series, whether PS2 or USB are...

Best keyboards made, see comments below. I think PS2 is best for games, if you have the port, as it has its own bus and does not compete on the usb hub. This can be argued but I think it's a valid, although perhaps trivial, point.

Mär 2016

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KeyTronic E03601P2


i use this whenever my other keyboards break, as i dont like looking at it.

Most indestructible keyboard i have ever seen, i have had this keyboard for AT LEAST 10 years(older model of this), and i have never had even the slightest bit of problems with it. If you g\can get by the fact that it has no programmable anything and...

Ugliest keyboard ever made keys click like nothing else you have ever seen

Mär 2011

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Picture Doesn't Match Product


The illustration is not this product.

Solid construction. Most KeyTronic keyboards of this series last for a long time. The one I have here at my desk has been in used for eight years and types as nicely as the day I got it. I've used it so much the letters are starting to wear off the...

Tiny Backspace key and L-shaped Return key. The latter encroaches into where the \ key is normally located, and the former is a real pain to use -- it's too easy to miss it when typing fast.

Apr 2010

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Warning: Pictured item is not E03601P2


The image shown shows a keyboard with a normal, double sized Backspace key and non-L shaped Enter key, found on the E03600P2. The E03601P2 actually has a single key sized Backspace, which some people hate, as well as an "L" shaped Enter key. Either the...

Keytronic keyboards are decent quality, depending on model.

The one egg is due to the misrepresentation, since if you order this you literally may not get what is shown.

Mär 2010

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THE keyboard you'll want if you're ever attacked by a bear!


Ergonomic keyboard? PFFT! This keyboard is rock-solid standard. Not one of those soft plastic lightweights out there. So big and heavy it's been known to frighten women and small children.

Did I mention is scares women? Man, I need a life...

Feb 2009

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KeyTronic E03601P2


Sturdy and clicks when you press the buttons.

First one I got was DOA. The plastic casing wasn't even together on one side. Newegg replaced it with no problem and quick service.

Apr 2008

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you get what you pay for.


It works fine for a server or soemthing but for everyday use I do not reccomend this keyboard.

Low Price half way decent keyboard..

This is not the wonderful keytronic keyboard I was looking for. Even though it looks almost identical to the LifeTime Series it is not it. The textile of the keyboard is not very good and if you spend a bit more to get a Key Tronic Lifetime Series...

Dez 2007

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Basic but sweet



K.I.S.S. - it is an awesome keyboard that is no frills and heavy enough to use as a weapon.


Nov 2007

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The Best Keyboard Available Today


Better than the "Lifetime" KeyTronic series, but those are good too, just not as good as this thing as they are just a little smaller and lighter. Do you spend most of the day on your computer typing, but don't need or want all of those extra controls...

Built like a tank! Excellent tactile key feel. Heavy so it will not scoot around on you. It will likely outlast your present computer. One of the few tactile feel keyboards left in the world today that is still built "like they used to".

A little pricy, but not too bad considering how nice this one "feels". No frills, 104-key keyboard, for me that is actually an advantage.

Okt 2007

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me gusta.


me encanto el tener los precios de lo que necesito,pagina completamente recomendable para todos los que nos gusta averiguar y comparar antes de gastar los pocos pesos que manejamos.

Jul 2011

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