Kensington 64390 Black & Beige 104 Normal Keys RF Wireless Standard PilotBoard Laser Wireless Desktop Set

Kensington 64390 Black & Beige 104 Normal Keys RF Wireless Standard PilotBoard Laser Wireless Desktop Set
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Okt 2020

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Kundenmeinung (

Not worth it


This simple keyboard and mouse combo has cost me countless hours of messing with windows 7 Pro trying to determine what the problem is. Just don't buy it. It is not worth the problems.

Nice feel and button options

The mouse is jittery and completely freezes at times requiring me to bump it on the pad to get it going again. The stop and go action makes it impossible to do any kind of precision work with it. The curve in the keyboard causes it to wobble on the...

Dez 2010

Kundenmeinung (

The Worst


I bought 3 desktops for our company. All three employees were heavily unsatisfied. We sold all three desktops within 3 to 6 months of purchase.

The user friendly shape of the keyboard that prompted the purchase originally

The mouse had to be in direct line of sight to the USB card and only worked properly if lifted slightly off the desk. The weight and bulkiness of the mouse made lifting the mouse difficult throughout the day. The sporadic accuracy of the mouse aslo...

Sep 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Perfect Long Distance Keyboard/Mouse Set


I'm using this keyboard/mouse set with my Apple MacMini to connect to my Samsung 55 LED HDTV and I need the range to be able to browse the internet from my sofa about 20 feet away. The laser mouse moves nicely on my leather sofa in case I'm not able to...

None so far

Jul 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Big DeskTop Set care



I was attracted to this by its big size and the fact that the mouse with it was big and had a tilt wheel ; The keyboard has a real solid and comfortable feel seemed very well made compared to the micro and logitech i have been using and liked but this...

The mouse , though nice and large, fit well in my hand something almost no other mouse will. the plastic on the back is a chintzy fake chrome that didnt even look good on models of 1960s american cars. the rest of the plastic on the clicker buttons is...

Jun 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Ergonomics good, but flakes out weekly


I really wanted to like this set because the feel is perfect for my wife on her desk, but it just didn't work out. It was losing the connection with the keyboard or the mouse weekly. I got an extension cord for the USB dongle and had it stuck in a...

Has a nice feel to the keyboard and mouse

Keyboard and/or mouse will lose connection to computer at random intervals, requiring you to disconnect dongle, remove batteries, replace dongle, replace batteries in device, which is a pain

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

Awesome! Yes, I have THREE Sets


Buying 9+ years from NewEgg! Because you guys have always helped me with showing your -working- kit, here's my solid SFF Build: Vista 64: - Shuttle X38P2 Pro - what a smokin' SFF box. This the my 3rd Shuttle. - 8GB PC2-6400 G.Skill DRAM Freq 450.6...

Allow me to gush a little ; I have THREE Sets purchased over the span of like 3.5 years. They work well even after coffee was spilled on the mouse, cookie crumbs in the keyboard on the older set ; The latest set DEFINITELY has better button feel, so...

None that I can think of. Oh, okay, the rubber part -left side of the mouse is a bit difficult to clean

Aug 2009

Kundenmeinung (



buy a logitech mouse

Keyboard works fine although the buttons are very stiff. media controls work well

the mouse is absolutely TERRIBLE.. it dosent even work well on a mouse pad, it only works on a magazine

Dez 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Amazing set up


They each take two 2AA batteries. Great great great set up worth every penny

This has to be one of the best keyboard/mouse sets I've ever used! There's not much to say, it performs exactly the way it's supposed to. I use it with my Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and my two laptops. I just plug the little USB dongle in and everything...

I have nothing bad to say about this. One thing to note is that if you don't have the mouse switched to on, the keyboard somehow still outputs a little response so make sure you turn it on to get better response/performance

Sep 2008

Kundenmeinung (



Feels really nice. Wish I could use it...

Like the layout. The cushion on the front. The rubberized grips on the mouse. Lots of extra buttons

The 2.4Ghz frequency does not work in my apartment. Even with my netgear wireless turned off, it still cuts out more than is bearable. It may be because of the other wireless routers in my building

Sep 2008

Kundenmeinung (

OK, but...


dont buy if you dont have a front usb port. i plugged it in on the back of my comp and it hardly worked. had to plug it into the front port for it to work reasonably

bought at local retailer for cheap. wireless works well and the extra mouse buttons are a plus. The quick launch keys on keyboard are a nice feature. Overall it does what it has to do

tilt doesn't work. even with software installed. in fact, the drivers are worthless. after installing them i had lost keys and a lagging mouse. default windows drivers are better and more functional

Dez 2007

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