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Gigabyte KM6150 review


The very cheap KM6150 desktop set comes with a surprisingly good mouse

At just £16, the KM6150 is a very cheap desktop set, and the mouse is pretty good for the price. We're less enthusiastic about the keyboard, however, and for only a little more you could have the much better

Kundenmeinung (

Less than 1 yr junk


piece of junk

keyboard worked for 9 months

failed after nine months I mean I know is a bargain set but wal mart has keyboard for $9.99 I have it in my shop next to CNC machining center covered in nasty coolant and still works 2 years later this key board is on my wifes comp completely clean and...

Feb 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Mouse wheel sticks



Mouse wheel sticks a bit on single rotation

Jan 2015

Kundenmeinung (

Good keyboard for the money


Works well as both a primary and backup keyboard. Would be great if they had a slightly larger formfactor version as well.

The keyboard has a decent keystroke length for good typists. Rather than the current "spongy" trend in keyboards, this one provides the kind of "free throw" you can typically only get from a well used mechanical keyboard. Out of the box it types like...


Dez 2012

Kundenmeinung (

pretty good wired keyboard


i didnt mark off an egg due to the wires being a little short but thats not really a big problem.

cheap, both mouse and key combo wired, and performs well with gaming

the usb wires are a little short if your computer is under your desk or farther than 4 feet, but not a problem if your computer is either on top of desk right next you, or like 1-4 feet away

Jul 2012

Kundenmeinung (

For my Raspberry Pi


My keyboard didn't have any sharp edges or anything. I haven't tried it with Windows, but I'm using it with my Raspberry Pi right now, and it has been fully compatible with every linux distro I've tried.

This is one of the better keyboards I have ever used. Despite the low price, it is very sturdy and solid, you can feel when you've pressed a key, it has multimedia keys, and the little kickstands on the back haven't broken/don't feel like they're about...

The multimedia keys don't include a volume +/-/mute

Jun 2012

Kundenmeinung (

Gigabyte KM6150 Kit Teclado + Ratón USB - Teclado


después de utilizarlo varios días puedo decir que funciona perfectamentees muy liviano, cómodo y ergonómico que facilita múltiples acciones con solo pulsar un solo botón del panel de control superior.aconsejo este tipo de kits por su calidad-precio y...

muy buen teclado, tiene todo lo necesario para hacer un buen uso a nivel de usuario y sin complicarnos mucho la vida

no encuentro ninguna cosa que me desagrade, creo que el kit esta muy bien

Mai 2014

Kundenmeinung (

Gigabyte KM6150 Kit Teclado + Ratón USB - Teclado


es muy practico este pack porque tienes ratón a juego con las teclas, y la marca es buena, se nota la comodidad al escribir y manejar el ratón, son periféricos con un buen diseño

el precio es bueniisiiimooo

no lo ai en blanco, serian ya wapísmos jajaja

Sep 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Gigabyte KM6150 Kit Teclado + Ratón USB - Teclado


pedazo de raton y teclado, por lo que cuestan tienen una muy buena calidad, el teclado tiene teclas multimedia en la parte superior utiles, al raton se le hechan en falta al menos dos botones para avanzar y retroceder.

buena relacion calidad/precio

raton sin botones extras

Sep 2013

Kundenmeinung (

Gigabyte KM6150 Kit Teclado + Ratón USB - Teclado


este teclado a mi me va mui bien ya que como es plano cabe en casi todos los lados no es como los viejos de antes i el raton la verdad esque va mui bien se desplaza bastante rapido i la verdad es que para mi gusta el teclado i el raton van mui bien yo...

el teclado es plano i cabe en cualquier sitio i el raton se desplaza con suficiente rapidez

no hay ninguna contra

Sep 2013

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