Solidtek KB-3462B-BT

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Worst Ever!!!


I'm sorry but this has to be the worst keyboard I have ever bought. To start of the installation process is a pain. The comes the lagging...When you move the pointer it takes a few seconds to move on the screen.Returning it to the store tomorrow and...

Apr 2011

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Solidtek Super Mini Bluetooth® Wireless Keyboard  KB-3462B-BT


It connected easily enough via Bluetooth, but it burned through 3 sets of batteries in 4 days. Lowest quality construction will guarantee that you will be looking for a replacement far too soon. Does come with a cute little velvet carrying bag and...

Feb 2011

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Good, but minor issues


The F11 and F12 keys are only available by holding the 'fn' key, then tapping F9 or F10 respectively. The pageup, pagedown, home and end keys work the same way, using the 'fn' key and navigation arrow keys. This functionality isn't a problem for me,...

It's light, but well built and feels solid .It runs on two AAA batteries and has an off switch on the bottom to conserve battery life ; I've used this keyboard on a Linux based MythTV PC and on a Windows 7 XBMC PC. In both cases, setup was done via the...

The keyboard goes into a 'sleep mode' after sitting idle for several minutes. It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds to wakeup, which is most annoying

Jan 2011

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I'm not one to usually write reviews for anything, but i cant contain myself with this little number. Ill keep it short, bad key layout, mouse pad buttons are mediocre, sleep mode is awful, and the price for this?.. The kicker, setting this thing set...

Okt 2010

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so so


Good compact size. Trackball mouse

Keeps dropping connection. Everytime you close the lid on the laptop, you have to do the connection process from scratch: delete old blutooth item then add it again. Misses the point of wireless if you have to manually do it

Aug 2010

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Nice little keyboard however with a big Problem


I am sorry but I do not need to have two keyboards to use my PC a real one and this partly functional one that is very expensive. So in my opinion it is redundant and not worth the money and will be returned today!

small size making it nice for an HTPC application

Will not function during the boot process of your OS so you will not be able to log into your system, You will need to have a real keyboard to do that with! With respect to Jamie's comments about the keyboard not being able to function during the boot...

Jun 2010

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For a Media Center this Keybord can't be beat!


This isn't a keyboard for everyone but the other reviews I read don't give it the justice it deserves. I use it exclusively on a Windows Media Center and it works flawlessly. Bluetooth recognician was straighforward and without any problems. Getting...

Nov 2009

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Solidtek Super Mini Bluetooth® Wireless Keyboard  KB-3462B-BT


The keyboard itself is of decent quality. The keys are oddly-arranged though ... only one shift key, and the apostrophe key is on the space bar row. If you're a touch-typist, you'll be disappointed. However, if you need keyboard/pointer combination...

Feb 2009

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great little, not so "solid" KB


This is a great little keyboard for its purpose. Using it as a Mythbuntu remote control. If you're looking for a remote control that can also be a KB & mouse, then buy it. If you're looking for a KB & mouse that can also be a remote control, then...

SIZE: if you are looking for a tiny KB, this is it ; CONNECTIVITY: bluetooth, works in Linux no problem ; Aesthetics: black, stylish ; POINTER: includes trackpad ; WEIGHT: light ; KEYS: sturdy, responsive keys

BODY: cheap shell detracts from the over-all experience ; BATTERY COVER: yeah, that'll be gone in a week ; MOUSE: either too sensitive, or needs calibration ; MOUSE BUTTONS: (see "BODY" comment above.) ; LAYOUT: some button rearrangement, but that's...

Feb 2009

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Solidtek Super Mini Bluetooth® Wireless Keyboard  KB-3462B-BT


this thing is the worst k-borad ever, when I finaly connect this thing and i re-start the comp, my compurer won't reconize it, and then I have to connect it again, plus I have to put some password the get connect.void this thing at all cost.

Feb 2009