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Avoid Windows RT

cheap, small in size, good in theory

lack of apps. No google apps IE: gmail, Chrome, Drive. can't make it go into standby mode. no option to put the display to sleep. once it goes off, device powers down. I rarely use it and its already crashed and had to factory reset twice

Mai 2014

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Vivo Tablet Win 8


Easy to use ; Great Display

Very poor customer service and warranty repair. Sent the device in because we were noticing some flickering of the screen and when we got it back the screen and case were broken and they tried to place the blame on us. It took quite a bit of fighting...

Jul 2013

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WIN RT is by the best mobile OS (in my opinion) out there.. fast and fluid , it does what its told

i recieved the dock that was promised A MONTH LATER!! ASUS tech service is horrible, i have an issue with the screen and it decides to go insane all the time , swiping the screen, lowering the volume, just buggy as hell. i dont know what happened , but...

Mär 2013

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Great tab...not so great support


While ASUS has been helpful via their customer service website and on the phone, it seems unsatisfactory that 30 days after purchase as a gift, so only about 15 days of use, the item does not work, and I have to pay to ship a deffective product back to...

1. Windows RT with Office applications included is great for work ; 2. The ability to expand storage with micro-SD and USB port ; 3. Free keyboard is wonderful to use when converting to a more netbook-like format

1. Out of the box the screen was not fully seated in the case in the top right corner. I ignored this as a cosmetic flaw at first. Now the screen is sensing multiple touches along the right side and is unusable ; 2. The store I bought it from (with an...

Jan 2013

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Great School Tablet!


The only thing that has kept this tablet from really moving forward at an extreme level is Windows RT. I think as Windows develops its OS and ASUS understands it more, this tablet will be at the top for the Windows RT competition. I think Windows RT is...

I am a pretty big fan of ASUS and I have to say this is a very good product. I have read and seen just about every type of review out there between the Surface and the Vivo. I have to say, I am very happy with my selection in getting this as a school...

I don't have any Cons on this tablet, it has performed very well and smoothly. So, to me, the tablet itself is in great working conditions and am excited to see the Windows OS develop more on it

Jan 2013

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i cannot put this under con because i don't know if don't understand something or i have a defective unit. I tried to boot a fully charged Tab on tonight. The unit vibrated however the screen remained black.I cannot tell whether there is an equip...

Light. i like the RT interface given its limitations ; speedy enough. nice bright display and very clear ; Ease of set up and connect to a network. I find my unit appeared to be well built. I like the docking station

Apps are somewhat limited, but i was able to find suitable aps for my taste. Win RT does not allow to connect to pop 3 email account which my ISP provides only

Jan 2013

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Nice Little Tablet


The operating system will use half of the 32GB so you might want to install your micro SD card for additional space.

I am very surprised with the performance of this tablet. Although everything runs smooth with that nice Tegra 3 processor, it's the browsing experience what I love the most. I'm coming from the almighty Pad Transformer TF700T and I wasn't particularly...

None for me. The lack of apps might be a problem for some but thats going to change with time just like android did

Dez 2012

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Better than Surface


The whole machine is pretty responsive. The drivers for the touchpad on the dock are fixed so you can use the windows 8 gestures and it actually works really nice. The top part of the touchpad is stationary while the bottom part is not so you can...

very small I can throw it in my backpack without even knowing its there. I am excited to get a stylus and start taking notes on this device. The combination of being able to type and draw in onenote will be exciting

The right shift key is small on they keyboard dock, I'm sure this won't take long to get used to

Dez 2012

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Best 10" Business Tablet


The only limitation to the tablet is Windows RT, 1 or 2 service packs from Microsoft and it will get 5 eggs.

I've owned and iPad and a 10" Android Tablet, both had significant limitations for business use. I still use my Nexus 7 to read books and love my Nexus phone but the TF600T is the best tablet for business use on the market today. All day battery life,...

RT still has some rough edges and the Windows consumer ecosystem is weak, and that's an understatement ; If you're looking for an all purpose tablet that you kinda use for work and mostly use for media and reading this ain't your tablet, go get an iPad...

Nov 2012

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Windows 8 RT is Just Fine :-D


Will Windows 8 Pro tablets be worth the wait? How much will the Vivo and Surface price drop over the holidays? I'm not too excited about the Windows Live integration and putting everything on the cloud. I build my own "clouds". I'm hoping at some point...

Wow, blown away at what Windows 8 RT can do right out of the box. I've read a lot of negative reviews because the MS app store isn't robust yet and RT can't load desktop applications. At this point, I don't care. The RT OS itself is very capable. I'm...

I lost internet connection when initially setting up the device and had to start over - not sure if this was my network or the ASUS. The signal at my house has been low the last month so I think it was my network

Nov 2012