Adesso EL-9805PB Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard - PS/2 - QWERTY - 106 Keys

Adesso EL-9805PB Multimedia Illuminated Keyboard - PS/2 - QWERTY - 106 Keys
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Okt 2020

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Given it doesn't say ODD LAYOUT or EXTRA SLIM size anywhere on the page I wasn't expecting the odd layout or slim size. But it was a nice surprise.

Bright enough to be useful but not to bright that it will be blinding ; Smooth keys ; Lovely blue color ; Fast shipping

Very very small. as small as a laptop keyboard with a very odd layout ; 1,2 ; q,w ; a,s ; z,x Were all stuck together. Wasn't the keys themselves but something on the main board. I liked the style and size of it enough to give them another shot....

Mai 2010

Kundenmeinung (

its on another for 23.95


awesome keyboard for general use like everyone said it has a little bit of a weird setup but it easy to get use too ; its the best illuminated keyboard for the price ; 4 eggs for the keyboard used mine and then sold it with a setup

but lower price its on another website for 23.95 with 6.25 shipping and i need another.. but would rather order from you with a gift card ; so i guess 1 eggs for new eggs extreme price of 34 dollars plus 10 dollars shipping

Apr 2010

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One major plus in getting this keyboard was Newegg and the shipping. I ordered it to be delivered to Kentucky...the shipment came out of Wittier, CA and was here the NEXT day?! They label indicated Ground Shipping and yet it was here the next...

As far as keyboards go this one is as good as any...with a well illuminated keyboard

I was under the impression that by the title that this was a standard keyboard, I wrongfully assumed it was standard size not standard 105 key, which I have doubts to. The keyboard is roughly the same size as a slim keyboard I have and that is where...

Apr 2010

Kundenmeinung (

"Your keyboard is AWESOME."


I cannot stress the aesthetic appeal of this keyboard enough. It looks good. It looks REAL good. Get this, a computer loaded with blue LED fans, maybe a mouse with some blue LED's on it somewhere... and bam. You've got a beautiful blue bombshell. I...

The title is a quote from my little brother upon his first time seeing it lit up. It really is a thing of beauty - small and inconspicuous when the blue is turned off, but it will seize your attention the first time you turn it on in a dark room ;...

Yes, the keys are kinda small. It takes some getting used to, but it's not that big a deal. Generally when I look for a keyboard, I look for long term utility first - I want something that will last a while without any of the keys getting stuck or not...

Jan 2009

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overall its a good keyboard, once u get used to the keys

well ; its a keyboard ; it does wat it was asked to do ; its a keyboard that looks madd cool

the keys are very hard to get used to ; the shift, and the backspace button are like the normal letters ; the insert, home, page up, delete, end, page down keys are in weird places too

Aug 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Great find


May not be a hardcore gaming keyboard (even though thats what im using it for :) but the ascetic appeal is very much there. Makes your whole setup a little nicer. Would be GREAT for where space maybe limited. Also: The light on/off key is on the right...

Looks. This keyboard is as slick as it gets, even if I just sits there lit up it looks good. They do have to kind of scrunch a lot of keys in there to make it so compact (Bksp is only one key and is hard to get used to.) ; I exclusively use my computer...

(depending on taste) Laptop-style keys. The kind that are very flat short. This may bother some users. Also I think they went a little overkill on compacting it (button placement)

Jul 2008

Kundenmeinung (

Great Keyboard.


Lights up perfectly and fits great when I'm on the go with the laptop.

The keyboard is slightly scruched so takes a few days to get use to.

Aug 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Skip it


When the keyboard is new, it's ok but after a while, the keys start sticking badly. Also, although the keys look similar to a laptop, they don't seem to be quite the same size. My fingers are always running into each other or hitting the wrong key and...

Looks pretty, compact size

Strange key layout, keys are smaller than they look, keys start sticking after a couple weeks of use

Mai 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Skip it


Strange key layout, keys are smaller than they look, keys start sticking after a couple weeks of use.

Apr 2007

Kundenmeinung (

Fine keyboard


Litghs up nice and bright, buttons work fine no sticking and no need to push right on top of the button, didnt have to use drivers or the manual for install, all the short cut keys work when i hooked it up using windows xp pro


Aug 2006

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