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Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

One word: eh


Given the poor layout of the enter/backslash key I can't give this product more than a three-star rating. That simple change makes typing much more difficult than it should be. This keyboard is also not as small as I had hoped...it's just as tall as a...

USB Connection ; Smaller than typical keyboard

Who decided to changed the layout of the Enter and Backslash keys? As far as I can tell there's no logical reason for them to be rearranged, yet, they are, and it sucks

Jul 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

a bit disappointing


for the price, it is ok...you get what you paid for. May check in FRY--S store for a different minikeyboard, see how that will work out.

Tiny!!! saves me a LOT of space for my mousing area ; Price! for $ you get it, plus shipping it is still great buy

keys are a little stroke, finding it is a little different from laptop keyboard, and will need to get used to ; The lay out for the "Enter" key is so weird, you will only find it out when you actually have it in your hand ; F1, F2...etc" are so close...

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

great mini keyboard


Great keyboard love it :) Power key works with Mac as well


Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Great Little Keyboard


Wow... I got this keyboard back when there were 7 reviews for it :D. The product here might be slightly different than what I have -- the only noticeable difference from the pictures is that my keyboard does not have the L shaped Enter key, which I...

I live in a college dorm, and this keyboard is amazing for such a tight environment. It's footprint is nice and small, the keyboard layout is just about the best imho for compact keyboards (for exceptions, see below), and the responsiveness of the keys...

No media keys -- I find media keys far more useful than browsing buttons. No Right Ctrl key -- this is annoying, but I used KeyTweak (freeware) to change the Insert key to Right Ctrl... never use Insert anyway. Keys make a fair amount of noise, so for...

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Good for the price


If you want a keyboard that won't crowd your mouse and won't break the wallet, then this is a great choice. If you want something portable you can take to LAN parties with a computer or gaming console that you don't have to worry about, then this is...

SMALL! I really wanted a small keyboard that was rid of the num pad to give my mousing area a little more room to move while keeping the alphabetical keys in front of me and not off the the side. This keyboard accomplishes that very well ; PRICE! It's...

You get what you pay for. The keys are lower profile, but don't have good tactile feedback and are noisy. Very often I will be holding the shift key down with my pinky finger and go to hit another key and it won't register as a capital letter. I feel...

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Eh ... keep looking


If you need something in this class of tiny keyboard, I have been reasonably satisfied with the MCK-91.

It has a nice look to it and the price is right

I foolishly did not notice that it has an "L" shaped Enter key (which is a sin against humanity AFAIC), but beyond that the less obvious flaws are that the CAPSLOCK key has a funny partially raised shape to it ; The killer is that the keys are somewhat...

Apr 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Good So Far


Quality is a lot better then expected for the price and though I've only owned them for a short time so I cant speak for its life span but so far, so good.

It's small and makes for a great keyboard for small places. Needed it for my small home studio where on a bench I have two machines and needed the extra room. I also enjoy notebook style keyboards more as I spend all day on mine with my job so its what...

The only con is a personal one mostly but the enter key and its design keeps having me miss it but I'll get used to it. Besides one is connected to my video editing machine and the other my music production machine so its not like I plan to do a lot of...

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Not that great


Could be a good keyboard if only the quality is vastly improved.

Small footprint, normal size keys

Cheap thin plastic construction, flexes just picking it up. Keys stick or hang if not struck exactly

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)

Nice board for the price


No Driver CD needed or included. All you get is the keyboard, the PS2 adapter and a box. Thats all you need anyways. I would have preferred an all black sleek design, but this is better than any standard dell keyboard any day! If I want better...

Cost efficient design with minimal bells and whistles to complicate things. Board comes with a back/forward buttons, home, mail, refresh, search and power ; This is best for someone that just needs a keyboard but doesnt want those bulky cheap 10 dollar...

The board keys do not feel as nice or as elegant as a laptop keyboard but you get what you pay for. Im surprised I got this kind of quality for 10 dollars! Makes me wonder where it was made and how cheap people are being paid to make it ; I rated it as...

Mär 2008

Kundenmeinung (newegg.com)



This can be a great temporary replacement for when you get a bad laptop keyboard and have a voided warranty or no longer in warranty. I bought this keyboard because Asus is not selling Eee keyboards separately and I am not going to pay an arm and leg...

It's useable for the price. Great temporary fix for when your Eee's keyboard has gone bad

Newegg gave me a KL-5UP version that has a different keyboard layout than what it suggested in the pictures. It is actually easier to type on my Eee's keyboard than on this keyboard. The "\|" key is right in front of the enter key making it harder to...

Feb 2008

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